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Encrypted Proxy

SS-Proxy (Secure Shadowsocks Proxy) is much more lightweight, it makes data ‘blank’ to look more like HTTPS traffic, so that it can move around unrestricted. Shadowsocks works with multiple TCP connections. The result is much faster speeds compared to the alternatives.

SS-Proxy is very difficult — if not impossible — to detect and block. The masking of traffic to make it appear as HTTPS is the main reason for that.

We are looking for volunteers for helping us test our SS-Proxy service (for free of course) , please scan our QR code for weChat communication and input code "SSP", so that our sale support staff shall assist you with testing process. Thank you!

              When to use SS-Proxy

              Shadowsocks should be used as a last resort when the connection using L2TP/IPSec VPN or PPTP VPN cannot be established. No matter if that is a restricted network like school or restricted network country. That is because it covers only your browser traffic while using it on our applications. Nonetheless, if unlocking content is the only use for you, Shadowsocks will do just fine! 

              Multiple Connection TCP and UDP
              * No traffic limitation
              * No data restriction
              * Support TCP multiple session connection
              * Support UDP multiple session connection

              Odoo • Text and Image
              Odoo • Image and Text

              Break through restriction

              If you’re in a part of the location that restricts access to Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, facebook and tweet or other sites and services, using a secure socks5 proxy will let you access to the free internet.